1. Quite frankly, I started my own business for the freedom and because I wanted to call my own shots in regards to when, who, where and how I ran my business. I simply wanted to answer to no one other than myself for the good and the bad. Best decision I ever made.

  2. I’m still not 100% sure of the difference between an Entrepreneur and a business owner to be honest. I worked for big companies (2nd largest cruise line in the world) and got disenchanted with how little they cared for their staff. I’ve run businesses for 13 years (business owner) but recently set up a mastermind portal to help other entrepreneurs get support and advice. I wanted to find and search for MM groups but there was no 1 place for this. It was something that I could not find anywhere else so I built to solve my own frustration. Which I think now makes me an entrepreneur 🙂

    1. Entrepreneurs seem to want to scale on a bigger level in my opinion. I also feel like their ideas are more unique than a business owner.

      1. Thanks that makes sense. In the 5 hour work week Tim Ferris gives the technical answer to Entrepreneur but I think the definition has now changed over the past decade certainly.

        1. Interesting. I read the book but can’t remember what he said as the definition. I definitely think it has evolved especially because being an “entrepreneur” is a sought after skill even for people that work for companies.

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