Frequently Asked Questions

We created this page because we often get these questions and we want to answer these questions.

  1. How do I get started? Depending on what you need, I would always take a quick look at our Star page here:
  2. What is the difference between CBNation and CEO Blog Nation? They are the same. At CEO Blog Nation/CBNation we empower entrepreneurs and CEOs. Our sites are a community of niche blogs for CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups and business owners including Hearpreneur, Teach a CEO & Rescue a CEO. We have CBNation is the nickname for CEO Blog Nation. It’s easier to say and remember–like Gresh :-).
  3. What is Blue 16 Media? Blue 16 Media is a partner and a website design company that provides the following additional services–SEO, Social Media, Hosting and more. Blue 16 Media powers our sites and CBNation is our media company because every company is a media company. Check out the site here:
  4. Do you accept guest posts? Yes, please check out the information here:
  5. Do you have a book you would like us to consider for review? Look at our book review page for more information.
  6. Can we advertise? Presently, we ONLY accept featured and sponsored posts, read more information here:
  7. How do we stay connected? Join our I am CEO Community and create your profile and join our Facebook Group. Subscribe to our newsletter and also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Other Social Media sites.
  8. What is a website score & audit and why do I need one? It’s a way to measure the effectiveness of your online visibility and digital marketing especially from an SEO perspective. For more information and get your score, visit here –
  9. How can I promote my business on CBNation? You can add your business to the directory and also think about guest posts, roundups and interviews and what you can offer to our community.
  10. How many sites are a part of CBNation? We consist of over 10 sites, including a directory, podcast, TV and more, check them all out here: If you are looking for something specific, search for exactly what you are looking for here:
  11. How do I promote my event? If it’s for entrepreneurs and business owners, post it on our site:
  12. How can we contact you? Visit our contact us page.
  13. Do you have a store? Yes a few of them :-)–check it out here: We also sell gear here: and web services (domain, hosting, SSLs, etc.) here:
  14. You really love blogging don’t you? Yes, yes and yes. If you want to find out more about business blogging, check out our course: WordPress is up there with our love, check out our free “how-to” videos:
  15. Why’s there “I am CEO” everywhere? Well, it’s basically our motto and is the thread that ties our community together. Think “Just do it-Nike” for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business owners. We’re reinventing the definition of CEO–it doesn’t just mean the person in charge of a fortune 500 company but it’s the person launching a new venture in their parent’s garage (e.g. Apple) or in a dorm room at college (e.g. Facebook). By definition CEO stands for chief executive officer and “I am” when combined is one of the most powerful phrases.
  16. Who are the people behind CBNation? We are a remote team and check out some of our descriptions here:
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