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We find the best business content, so you don’t have to!

CEO Blog Nation curates and aggregates content and information for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, startups and business owners.

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Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner: Which One Are You? [Business News Daily]


According to the 2015 Small Business Pulse Survey by insurance provider and financial services group The Hartford, business owners say there is a difference — and they don’t all want to be called the same thing. The Hartford also asked each group about their defining characteristics. Self-described small business owners said they are maintaining their […]

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Why ‘Grit’ May Be Everything for Success [Entrepreneur]

So, yes, there may be no single, truly indispensable element of entrepreneurship. But one thing is pretty close: When you talk to and work with enough entrepreneurs, the main theme that emerges is persistence. Some researchers call it grit. I’ve even known people who have called it stick-to-it-ness. Whatever name is used, the idea is the same: the tenacity to not […]

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