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110113-gaza-youthThe infamous quote of Oscar Wilde rings true in some cases. “Youth is wasted on the young.” Youth drives people to do some impossible and incomprehensible things. We take risks that, as we grow older, we would never again do in our lives. Youth doesn’t include silly thoughts like, “Could I get hurt doing this?” or “Is this going to put my future in danger?” No. These thoughts belong to the older generation. Youth may be wasted on the young, but that waste belongs solely to youth and nobody else. This sentiment is what makes young entrepreneurs so astounding.

A young entrepreneur is free to do what they may. There isn’t the idea or thoughts of adulthood riding on their back. More prone to take risks and work harder and more creatively to make a true business, young entrepreneurs are literally the future of business. From Zuck to Tumblr – the wave of young entrepreneurs is picking up more steam now than ever. The age of unique, stylish and innovative business is here. Failing to look outside the traditional business model could break a business before it even begins. There may be some hesitance for the older generation. Young entrepreneurs might be too flashy and forward for their own good. But this forward thinking is what they are all about.

As a young person myself I love this new generation of thinkers and action-takers. I love seeing some guy in his basement, young and full of extreme passion, making it big with something so off the wall that nobody even thought to try it out before. The entertainment factor of a kid making it big is huge. This is the time we are able to take risks and do whatever we want. Now we are able to ignore all reason and practicality and just go for whatever we want. Being young is an advantage that keeps giving back for a young entrepreneur. With all due respect to Mr. Wilde, youth isn’t wasted on the young for an entrepreneur. Youth is enjoyed, celebrated, stretched and gambled all in the name of the next big thing.

– Ash


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