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Ethics. It is something that has been a growing emphasis and focus in business and for entrepreneurs. During a time where ethical scandals like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Enron are in the not too distant review mirror, this month CEO Blog Nation will delve into the argument and idea of ethics and ethical dilemmas that entrepreneurs and business owners may face. Kirk O. Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University defined ethics as “the study of the standards of business behavior which promote human welfare and the good.”

In business classrooms across the world where entrepreneurs and future business leaders learn about finances and how to construct a business plan, there is also an increasing focus on the importance and relevance of ethics. With the news focusing on government shut downs, “Obamacare” and other news stories, the issues of ethics are always at the forefront and this news affects entrepreneurs, startups and business owners and their bottom lines so it is one of the reasons we made this our theme this month.

If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization.
— Robert Noyce, inventor

We will also look into the makings of the social entrepreneur and profile many of those entrepreneurs that fit the bill. It's not enough to just make tons of money, but to give back to society and the community is something that we will examine. It might just be a small fundraiser for the holidays or an entrepreneur that dedicates 50% of their profits to benefit a not for profit organization. We will look into the impact and ramifications of these social trailblazers.

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This month expect more great content from CEO Blog Nation including guest posts, the exciting launch of our new homepage, the induction of members of our new entrepreneurial council and our aggregator of the top news stories for entrepreneurs and business owners across the web.

We're not done yet, we will have our monthly giveaway and announce the winner of our September giveaway.


Remember, the world is inspired by you and what you do everyday. As always feel free to reach out to us if you have any comments!

– Gresh


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