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Move Over Prime Day, the I AM CEO Podcast is HERE

What does being a CEO truly mean? Is it reserved for those individuals that lead Fortune 500 Companies? Or can it be a startup founder? Or do you have to be in business for over 5 years? How about 10? Can you be a CEO if you're a CMO or a COO? Is being a CEO an arbitrary title? Does your company have to have a stock ticker symbol? Or VC funding? Can you be a solopreneur and be a CEO? Do you have to have a 100 employees? How about 200? What if they're 300 contractors and not employees?

What does it really, really mean to be a CEO?

As Prime Day breaks the internet, we are excited because we have our own “secret” project that we've been working on–the I AM CEO Podcast. This is a laser-focused “sister” podcast to the CEO Chat podcast where we get to interview and hear from CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners about their organizations, why they started them and some behind the scenes into what makes them so successful and efficient. The best part is the interview is in about 16 minutes or less (about 8 minutes at 2x speed).

Take a listen to our very first episode–episode #1:

While there will be a range of CEOs interviewed ranging from different industries to different size and types of businesses, the majority of season 1 is dedicated to our “Healthy CEOs” site or the entrepreneurs in the health, sports, fitness and wellness industries.

Because today is launch day, instead of having a few episodes for you to get a taste of the podcast, we published 6 new episodes today which brings us to 31 solid episodes and 30 interviews for you to enjoy now.

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During the show, you will get to hear the following from each guest:

  • Their CEO Story and what led them to start their business
  • How their business serves their clients
  • What their secret sauce (aka their differentiator or what makes them unique) is for their business or organization
  • What “CEO Hack” (aka app, books or habit) makes them more effective and efficient
  • What “CEO Nugget” (aka word of wisdom) they would have for the I AM CEO Community
  • How they would define being a CEO?

The awesome thing that we hope to do during this podcast is to actually hear from real solopreneurs, social entrepreneurs, consultants, traditional entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup founders and more exactly how they define being a CEO and what it means to them. Maybe we will shatter what it truly means or maybe it will remain the same. Either way, it'll be a great time.

If that's not enough, be sure to check out the Instagram handle @iamceo.co to see exactly how these entrepreneurs defined being a CEO.


Check out this roster of interviews and click below to check them out. Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with the guest on their definition of what it means to be a CEO.

  1. Cathy Harkless of Yhtack in Stitches – Embroidery Company
  2. Dr. Alexis Moreno of Wit & Reason – Media & Community Consulting Firm*
  3. Connie Curtis Glutten & Food Alergy Specialist – Health Coaching & Consulting*
  4. Ed Challinor of Smileworks – Co-Founder of Dental Practice*
  5. Susan Rose of Gutsy Happiness – Happiness & Success Coach*
  6. Sammy Courtright of Fitspot Wellness – Corporate Health & Wellness Company*
  7. Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care – Skin Care Company *
  8. Patrick Harrison of CoreChair – Health & Wellness Company*
  9. Mary Neyhard of Cuz Events – Event Planning Business
  10. Ashley Bradley of Purpose & Prosper – Life & Co-active Coach*
  11. Tom Schwab of InterviewValet – Podcast Marketing Company
  12. Kristen Marquet of Femfounder.co – Author & PR and Branding Business
  13. Kyana Brathwaite of KB Cals – Healthcare Consultant*
  14. Brandon Yu of ThriveCyroStudio – CryoTherapy Business*
  15. Nora Livingstone of Animal Experience International – Social Enterprise & Certified helping animals
  16. Leslie H. Tayne, Esq. of Tayne Law Group, P.C., – Consumer and Business Debt Attorney
  17. Lisa Song Sutton, J.D. of LisaSongSutton.com – Serial Entrepreneur and founder of multiple ventures  (excerpt from an upcoming CEO Chat podcast interview)
  18. Alexandra Isenegger of LinkiLaw – Legal Filing Company
  19. Steve Silberberg of FitPacking – Health & Wellness Backpacking Company*
  20. Rev. Kate Floyd of Arlington Commons – Startup-Church*
  21. Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.com – Legal Incorporation Company
  22. Catherine Wood of Unbounded Potential – Executive Leadership & Life Coach*
  23. Christa Dalakis of Breakaway Fitness – Co-Founder of Fitness Company*
  24. Bonnie Ortiz of O2 Consulting Group – Operational Professional Service Firm
  25. Heather Wentler of Doyenne Group – Serial Entrepreneur & Nonprofit Co-Founder
  26. Jessica Koch of JessicaLKoch.com – Sales & Marketing Consultant
  27. Kim & Kalee Sorey of Sorey Fitness – Mother & Daughter Health Coaches*
  28. Maribeth Decker of Sacred Grove – Animal Communicator & Healer*
  29. Garrett Ball of Secure Medicare Solutions – Healthcare company*
  30. Jason Patel of Transizion – Tutoring company
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* denotes a “Healthy CEO”


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