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Introducing CEO Podcasts = CEO Chat Podcast + I AM CEO Podcast

Merging our 2 Podcasts into One

Earlier this summer, we launched a brand new laser focused podcast called the I AM CEO Podcast.  As an offshoot to the long-form CEO Chat Podcast,  this 16 minute or so podcast features entrepreneurs and business owners  and is an opportunity to hear about the stories of why they started their business or organizations, what makes them and their organizations unique and some behind the scenes info like “hacks” they use to run their business, “nuggets” or advice they have for other entrepreneurs and business owners and their definition of what it means to them to be a CEO.

Started as a potential project that could (and still might ramp up) become a daily podcast in 2019. We decided to merge the two podcasts into one feed. We wanted to introduce CEO Podcasts, the new home for the CEO Chat Podcast and the I AM CEO Podcast. While both will still be on separate sites that feed through, we will now have one feed for both the podcasts so you won't have to subscribe to 2 different shows.

Because both of these podcasts are focused on interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners and providing resources, we decided to merge them both into one.

Be sure to check out the shows!

Also, look for some content from on this feed in the future.

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