Happy Small Business Week

The name of the game is visibility

If you didn't know, this month is National Small Business Week. We covered a Hackathon today in Washington DC (coverage coming soon on DMV CEO). This is the time to celebrate those people that go after it. Sometimes by choice but other times it's not.

Running a business isn't easy. Yes, it might be simple in the sense that you are selling products and services and the focus is to have more income than expenses but it's not easy. At times, it seems that there are 100s of things that we're juggling–business dev, customer service, management, R&D, payroll, team management, finances, taxes, etc.

It can get overwhelming. However, we are here to help.

If you didn't hear, our refined mission is to increase the success rate of CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners.

This month is dedicated to visibility. I often say, the name of the game is being found and that's at the heart of what we do here but also at Blue 16 Media. By featuring entrepreneurs and business owners, we are increasing their visibility. In featuring resources, we are also increasing the visibility about resources like organization or programs that are also helping business owners be found.

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This month, expect more from us including how to leverage visibility tools like social media, Search Engine Optimization and so much more.

It's only right that this month is dedicated to Small Business Owners because this week is dedicated to shining light and bring visibility to those CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Happy Small Business Week!


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