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7 CEO Hacks to Help You Level Up Your Business

These 7 CEO Hacks are bound to make you more effective and efficient

On the I AM CEO Podcast, I always ask for CEO Hacks or the books, apps or habits that make you more effective and efficient. But the more and more I think about it the more I realize that CEO Hacks  allow you to be more effective and efficient because they save us time and often money. However, what they really allow us the space to do is to spend more time in our Zones of Genius.

The things that you can do better than anyone else. While we might do well or less than at certain tasks, the true beauty of these hacks is that they allow us to spend more time where we should. Maybe for you it's creating content or writing or sales or managing. The bottom line is we all have a zone of genius and when we get more time to spend there it allows us to operate

Here's the 7 CEO Hacks you shouldn't live without:

  1. Basecamp – Basecamp is a project management app that you can access in your browser and on your phone. It gives you the tools you need to set up to-dos, a schedule, create and upload documents and files, message and chat with your colleagues, and check in regularly with your group—all in one place!
  2. Acuity – Acuity Scheduling is easy-to-use and user friendly scheduling solution using which clients can quickly view real-time availability, and book their appointments accordingly.
  3. I AM CEO Coloring Book – This 16 page coloring book is for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners to relax and harness their creativity. Studies have shown that adult coloring can reduce stress, increase motor skills, improve sleep, improve focus and help with relaxation. With the disruption and change happening in our world, this is something that helps you stay peaceful and healthy mentally and emotionally. Also check out Insight Timer and 365 Gratitude Journal.
  4. Fiverr Business – Set your team up for success every time with the help of freelance talent you can count on. Set your team up for success every time with the help of freelance talent you can count on. We have an eBook and you can check on out at Call Your VA.
  5. CEO Web Shop – CEO Web Shop is an online store providing 24/7 service and support where businesses and organizations digital services like domain names, e-mail, web marketing, website builders, SSL and web hosting. Try Kinsta, WPEngine or WPMU DEV for dedicated WordPress hosting.
  6. Freshbooks – FreshBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by 2ndsite Inc. FreshBooks products are geared mainly toward small to medium-sized businesses and offer cloud-based accounting applications that send invoices to clients to bill for time and expertise. Also check out Quickbooks.
  7. Audible on 2X Speed – Audible, an Amazon company, has the world’s largest selection of audiobooks and original ad-free audio shows. Whatever your passion, your interests, or favorite authors, there’s a perfect listen for you.

Time is one of the most valuable resources that we have and we should spend it well. For more information, to get the complete list and learn more about these hacks, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter.

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