2020 Game Point

Welcome to December 2020

When I used to play basketball, the music to my ears was being able to say “game point.” It meant that the work was almost done. It meant one more basket and you would win. However, it typically meant it was going to be your opponent's best shot. It was going to test you more than you had ever been tested in the “game.”

It's very similar to “game point” in 2020. This has without a doubt been a trying and challenging year. There's been a tremendous amount of disruption and pivots that we have all had to make. It might have been working from home or teaching from home or supply chains being delayed or having to double down on digital marketing or, or losing or gaining clients or completely reinventing ourselves and our businesses to something new.

As November ends and we start December, let's remind ourselves of the work that we've done to get this far. Realizing that even for those of us that are “ok” with change, there is still a lot of change that is more than likely in front of us.

Patterns and habits are completely different and not only are we and our businesses different so too are our lives and those of us everywhere.

This may have been your best year or may have been your worst year or you may fall somewhere in between but let's remember the game isn't over. It's “Game Point” and even if you haven't had the most ideal year it doesn't mean that you can't turn the table and create the momentum for 2021. You may feel you are on the losing or winning side right now but it's time to turn the tables and fight for a win.

This month expect more and more content including daily podcast interviews, guest posts, email interviews and more on our blogs, video content and even more CEO hacks that can level up your business now and in 2021.

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Let's go!!



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