Happy New Year – The Month for Pivoting

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021! I hope and pray that your new year has been off to a great foot. I'm not a big believer in New Year Resolutions or flipping a switch and everything changes but I do not deny there is a certain energy around a new year.

Maybe you are starting a business, or maybe you are pivoting? Possibly you are launching a side hustle or maybe you are adding a new service? Potentially your goal is to laser focus?

Regardless, typically every year there's a certain energy with the new year and this year seems to be no different. I even go as far as to write down my business plan and pick a theme for the new year.

For me this year is in memory of one of my favorite players–Kobe Bryant. It's all about the Mamba Mentality. The constant quest to get better than yourself.

For many of us, we've had to pivot in some form shape or fashion and that's why this month is devoted to pivots. Making adjustments and changes reach success.

Here's some things and pivots that you should expect from us this year:

  • Connections – At the heart of what we do is about visibility and resources but connection will be the center piece that takes everything to another level. Our updated equation is Visibility + Resources x Connections = Success. Expect for us to have online ways to connect and engage including our I AM CEO Facebook Group and many more opportunities
  • Stronger ties with Blue 16 Media – Not only will you see stronger ties with Blue 16 media and more integration, you will also see the opportunity to co-create with other brands under Blue 16 Media
  • Sponsored Content – Across our sites you will see more and more sponsored content in blog, video and even audio content. We are starting to make a big push into co-creating valuable content across our different sites and providing more opportunities for visibility.
  • CEO Hacks – What is an entrepreneur or CEO with resources to use and leverage. Expect more and more additions to the site (maybe even an App???), and how-to content and information on how to use these apps, books and habits to help you spend more time in your Zone of Genius.
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Here's to a great year and the opportunity to level up!


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