CBNation Visibility Website Audit

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  • Are you leveraging digital marketing (e.g SEO, Social Media) to increase your visibility?
  • Is your brand visible online?
  • Is your site built well? – See if your site has all the pieces it needs to succeed online.
  • Does your site behave correctly? – Find out if your site loads quickly, if it is mobile friendly and generates traffic.
  • Does your site boost your business? – Make sure your site is getting found on social, search and more.
  • What does your website score mean and how do you solve any problems?

After you complete the form, you will get a CBNation Visibility Website Audit. We will analyze your website and online presence and provide some opportunities that your business can take advantage of to improve your rankings, improve the overall look and design of your website. If you decide to get the Audit/Report with video, the analysis will be about a 16-minute video. While every website is different, Chris of You Deserve Massage located in Alexandria, Virginia gave us an opportunity to look at their website and provide an analysis of their website and share some opportunities to leverage. Chris granted us permission to post this video.

How It Works – 5 Steps

  1. Schedule your Complimentary Strategy Session (CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE)
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Select Option #1 or Option #2 (see details below)
  4. Receive your report and/or video
  5. If you selected option #2, schedule your CBNation Care Strategy Session to go over the report

Two Options

You have two options. Complete the form below to get started:

  • OPTION #1 – ONLY the audit/report – $99 (one-time fee) – here's a sample

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  • OPTION #2 – The audit/report + walk-through video explanation (usually 10-15 minutes) + CBNation Care Strategy Session to show how to leverage opportunities – $150 (one-time fee) – see an example below

Complete the form below to get started

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