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Weekly Roundup: Week of June 3, 2012 – Health, Business Plan & Success


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  1. 20 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Stay Healthy (via Rescue A CEO): Entrepreneurs work hard than almost any other group of people in the world. With all of the hours that entrepreneurs clock and the stress that accompanies running their own ventures, entrepreneurs typically have difficulty finding time to be healthy.
  2. What is the Most Important Part of the Business Plan? (via Hearpreneur): Hearpreneur asked entrepreneurs–Stephanie Burns, Leslie H. Tayne, Kimberly Gauthier, June Davidson, Barbara Austin, Nancy Garberson what they thought was the most important part of the business plan.
  3. What is the First Step To Take when Starting A Business?  (via Hearpreneur): One of the most exciting things is to start a business and often once the dust settles, aspiring entrepreneurs have to determine what they should do with all the energy and excitement. For some entrepreneurs this is the first business to start and and it is imperative they take the correct first steps to ensure that their ventures are

Across The Web

  1. 9 Important Tips for the Budding Self-Taught Internet Entrepreneur (via Inspiration Feed): Read on to learn how you can give yourself the best chance possible to become a success.
  2. The Behavior Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs (via Forbes): The process of identifying specific traits of an entrepreneur starts with an understanding of what successful entrepreneurs do – activities they engage in to drive new venture creation or business growth. Focusing on the ‘task’ or the ‘process of entrepreneurship’ helps in identification of innate talents that are most relevant to the task.
  3. How to Think Like an Entrepreneur (via Huffington Post): Three tips here on how I think out of the box in hopes that it inspires creativity in you.
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