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I am the CEO [VIDEO]

I am CEO is a battlecry for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners.

I am CEO.
Not to be confused
With the janitor or the marketing manager
Though I wear those hats.
Investments of sweat equity and time
Have laid the bricks to the empire.
What is seen today was once nothing
But sprouted under careful attention, focused vision and thorough planning.
Living, breathing, and eating the business with passion and zeal,
Fueled by 18 hour days, Ramen noodles and ketchup and mustard sandwiches
Attacking the competition to gain market share with cold calculation and fervor.
Some might call me an entrepreneur, or the founder or the business owner,
but this is for certain
I demand excellence,
I expect success,
I blaze trails,
I lead,
I create,
I hustle,
I execute,
I take risks,
I'm bold.
I'm innovative.
I'm ambitious.
I'm the captain.
I am CEO.

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