The Lessons I Learned Growing A Startup From Scratch To A $5B Valuation [Forbes]


What struck him immediately and persuaded Nishul to throw in his lot with a start-up when there were more secure and lucrative offers on the table, was the enthusiasm and passion of the founders. “They were clearly very smart, and they had deep knowledge of the industry they were in”, he told me over coffee at co-working space Soho Labs, where Nishul is now based.

The founders were all aged around 40, unusually old today for a start-up, but what remained the same back then was their determination to disrupt an industry they knew needed shaking up. They wanted to provide more transparency and reduce risk – democratising access to data that at that point was being closely guarded and creating a more even playing field.

“They asked challenging questions right from the off”, recalls Nishul, “they had so much energy and enthusiasm, their responses to my questions were very quick; the one thing they asked me that I will always remember is “we are looking for people who can take everything we throw at them, and come back for more. Does that sound like you?”

“Some people may have found that intimidating but I was impressed. They made it clear what the standard was and that actually made it easier to find your feet. They were excellent mentors and throughout the early part of my career at Markit they treated me very well.”

Understanding your clients pain

Timing your exit

Starting Again

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