Just Win Edition [CURATION]

This upcoming week is Election Day and I thought it was only right to do something focused on winning and…

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The Fear Issue: Halloween is Around the Corner, Don’t Let These Fears Derail Your Business [CURATION]

Happy early Halloween! Many people are already celebrating the holiday early because it falls on Monday. I know I did…

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Time is Valuable – Finding the Best Business Content

There's a reason our new tagline is “We find the best business content, so you don't have to.” It's because…

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6 Reasons Smart Small Business Owners Invest In Security [Entrepreneur]

Smart small business owners, however, understand what the current security trend is. And, though small, they know that their businesses…

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6 Sacrifices Facing Every Entrepreneur [Entrepreneur]

Here are some sacrifices that I think are more commonly underestimated. Keep in mind these aren’t absolute rules. There very…

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Mark Cuban: Do Your Homework In Order To Reduce Risk In Business [Forbes]

His message for young entrepreneurs who want to reduce their risk when starting a business, is through intense preparation and…

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Millennial entrepreneurs driven by purpose as much as profits [CNBC]

Although a recent SBA study (click here to download) reports that entrepreneurship among Gen Y is lower than for prior…

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Reframing the Narrative on Entrepreneurship [Medium]

In entrepreneurship, there’s no magic formulas. No 9-week process to make you a millionaire. No secret-holding $3,000 ebook that was…

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Prince; The Consummate Entrepreneur [LinkedIn]

His music had an enormous impact on individuals and artists and will for generations to come, whether they realize it or not.…

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Build a Business, Not a Financial Machine [Medium]

Today, there’s a complete disrespect for what it takes to build a business. Too many people think they can become…

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