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Time is Valuable – Finding the Best Business Content

There's a reason our new tagline is “We find the best business content, so you don't have to.” It's because time is precious. It's typically the most valuable thing and the thing you aren't able to replenish. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Lately on our main business blog, you will see that we have focused on curating great content from across the internet. Whether it was a blog post, a must-read resource, a video, or even a podcast, we would scour the internet to be your business blogging DJ and find that content. Next, we would find the high points and delivered it to you in a blog post that was compiled with other great business content.

That won't be changing but how we deliver that content will. You might see the occasional curated post on our blog but overall we will be delivering these curated posts directly to your inbox weekly.

Starting this week, we are now offering that as premium content from CBNation to members of CEO Press. It will be a part of the premium content that you will receive if you are a member. Not only will you receive top-notch content but we will also deliver an e-mail that has what our team feels is the best business content each week. You will receive that email with the content summarized in a few sentences and a link for you to read more if you desire. There's no time wasted. No longer will you be able to say you don't have the time because we're working for you.

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Again, we are still creating valuable content but we want to increase the value to our members of CEO Press.

Finally, did we mention that all of this is available to you for less than $10/month? Find out more information below.

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