Now is the Time to Level Up

Welcome to October

We have finally entered the last quarter of the year and there are less than 90 days left in 2020. That means there's still more than enough time to make or break your 2020. It has been a crazy year and while you may have started a business, pivoted your business, closed it or had your best year, I think one thing that we can all relate to is that it's been a disruptive year.

This month is dedicated to leveling up. Early today, during a podcast recording for the I AM CEO Podcast that launches later in November–I spoke with a guest about how as an entrepreneur he had to completely reinvent his business–“rebuild it from the studs”–as he said. I mentioned that it was kind of like Phoenix rising from the ashes. It wasn't as a result of the disruption going on today today but it was as a result of wanting to level up his business.

The reason that I bring that up is that sometimes disruptive and less than ideal results allow us the opportunity to reinvent.

As COVID-19 and it's impact continues to be at least the current norm, you may wonder how you can level up. I'm a big believer that in order to see or experience what we want to in life–it starts with us.

If you want to level up in your business or your life, start with yourself. Pay attention to the things that you are reading, watching and listening to. There are business that are thriving during this time, there are entrepreneurs that have completely reinvented themselves and their businesses to succeed in the current economy.

If you control what you can control, it give you a better chance to win. It's not a cure and it's not an increase in the economy that you should be focused on. It's your perspective. It's your mindset. It's your self-talk. Remember that and now and know that it's it's time to level up.

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Look for more great content from us helping you to level up you and your business this month.

PS–I saw a message/podcast from Ivan Misner the other day that resonated with me–I refuse to participate in a recession. If you have that mentality or perspective, it's not that you won't have to change. You just refuse to become a victim of the external circumstance or the economy. During times like this, there are opportunities to grow and expand. This is is a time for you to thrive and for you to progress and for you to level up.


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