We’re a technology company that does…

Welcome to November

As I type this, I'm listing to the Blue Ocean Strategy audiobook. Just like it mentioned in the book, it's not the only way to innovate but where there's technology improvements there's often a sign of disruption.

This is often why you'll hear, we are technology company that does…

…real estate or

…ecommerce or

…marketing or

…painting or

…hospitality or

…catering or

You get the point. The reason is because technology has completely transformed every single industry in some way. Think about a time before the internet, or smartphones or even Zoom that we are using heavily now. Think about iPhones or Amazon or Uber or Facebook. It is these innovations that remind us that even if our core product or service lies outside of technology, it is to our detriment to not look at our businesses and organizations as technology companies.

This is why we dedicated this month to technology. It's changing and it's changing rapidly. Look for information about the impact of technology in different industries including ecommerce, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so much more.

As we start to close out the year and prepare for 2021, we will take a look at technology and innovation in businesses and organization.

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