Build a Business, Not a Financial Machine [Medium]

Today, there’s a complete disrespect for what it takes to build a business. Too many people think they can become an entrepreneur overnight and establish a real business in a 1–2 year window, but it’s just not realistic.

Too many “entrepreneurs” these days are focusing their day-to-day trying to raise their next round, siphoning their own equity out of the business to artificially inflate their company’s valuation rather than focusing on what’s actually important: Building a sustainable business.

They’re acting as financial arbitrage machines, not actual businesses. And that’s a problem.

I get hit up constantly — day in and day out — from people looking to raise money for the “earth shattering” and “disruptive” idea they have. You know what’s a disruptive idea? Building an actual business that has investors coming to you, not you chasing them.

So all I ask is that we reframe the discussion being had around entrepreneurship.There’s no short cuts. No magic formula that will make a successful business. No promise that VC funding will make your “earth-shattering” idea successful. There’s just the truth. And that’s hard work.

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