The Most Valuable Skill is “Selective Ignorance” {Medium}

One of the reasons that we started our blog and moved from developing solely original content and use our main site to become more of an aggregator (We find the best business content so you don't have to!) is because there's so much information out there that we wanted to focus on providing a platform for people to read and find the content that already exists out there. While we still create content, we are laser focused on aggregating phenomenal content for CEOs entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. Check us out if you are on the Low Information Diet. Here's a little bit from Isaac Morehouse the founder and CEO of Praxis on why you should think about it:

Two things are far more important than what you know. What you can learn, and what you know you don’t need to know.

That is why the most valuable skill for success in diverse circumstances might be the ability to quickly identify what doesn’t matter. Discern what is not of fundamental importance and ignore it.

The most successful and contented people I know are brilliant at being ignorant. They are not stupid people nor are they unable to learn almost anything of interest or value to them. But they are conscious of their chosen ignorance of the vast majority of facts and subjects and skills. They know what they don’t need to know and they don’t waste effort trying to learn it.

Read the complete post here: Why Knowing Stuff Doesn’t Really Matter

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