11 Things No One Will Tell You About Being A Student Entrepreneur [MTV]

Before embarking on any business idea while as a student, I always say it’s important to take into consideration these behind-the-scenes situations that you will no doubt encounter. And if you are willing to sign up for these challenges, you no doubt have a true passion for your business.

  1. You are always in battle – There is never a time when you are not at odds with your two worlds: student and CEO.
  2. You have to be obsessed with your schedule – From the moment you wake up until the second your head hits the pillow, you have to be focused on optimizing your time, sticking to your schedule, and still remaining present in the given moment.
  3. But no one else cares about your schedule
  4. It can be lonely
  5. Your midterms will fall during tax season
  6. Your weekends and breaks aren’t time to chill
  7. A lot of people will tell you to drop out
  8. You will bring a different skill set to your schoolwork – While you may struggle to get the readings done, you will compensate in experiential lessons you can add to class discussions. In addition, your study habits may be slightly different because you will be able to identify topics with personal experiences you’ve had running your company, likely understanding the material at a faster rate.
  9. There will be classes that feel like a waste of time
  10. You can reach a breaking point
  11. It will be insanely rewarding

Curated Posts: 11 Things No One Will Tell You About Being A Student Entrepreneur [MTV]

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