8 Ways Billionaires & Elite Athletes Perform At The Highest Level [Medium]

Success has never been so attainable, thus making many of us spoiled and lazy. But the following eight strategies are intended to shake up your approach, challenging you to work and live at a higher and more conscious level.

Here we go:

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Making An “Ugly” Move – No matter what field you are in, there are rigid norms guiding your thinking — the rules considered “best practice.” However, life (and chess) is messy and complex, and every situation calls for a more contextual analysis.

  2. Realize That You’re Not “Way” Behind – When you elevate your thinking — and see yourself on the same level as those at “the top” — you quickly become disillusioned by the fallibility of those you once perceived as immortal. They are just people. Most importantly, you will begin playing with an urgency that often surpasses even them.

  3. Do More With Less

  4. Increase Your Responsibility – When you’re desperate to be successful, honing your craft is far more appealing than mindlessly surfing Facebook.

  5. Every Billionaires Secret: Build A Team Around You Sooner Than You Feel Comfortable – High performers build a team around them much sooner than they are comfortable with. They are willing to think big, take on greater responsibility, and focus in on their superpower. The sooner you can remove all of the personal pressure and noise the faster your income will skyrocket. Thus, increasing your responsibility is not about doing more. It’s about leading more.
  6. How Much Are You Willing To Put On The Line?
  7. Short-Term & Low Cost Experiments – Experiments are a fun way to pursue goals because they allow you to get innovative and bold. Experiments are short-term — and thus relatively low risk — thus, they should be “moon shots.” Why play small? What’s the worst that could happen, you waste a few months and learn a lot while doing it?
  8. Stay In The Zone As Long As You Can
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