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2018 is around the corner and I am CEO – Volume 2 is here

Today is the last day of the year and just in time for 2018, we are now releasing I am CEO – Vol. 2. Download it below!  We are super excited about 2018 because of this ebook of our new podcast through Anchor I am CEO that features our roundups, behind the scenes content and more, our podcast content on CEO Chat, or continued integration with Blue 16 Media and lastly our membership community will be live in 2018 with loads of exclusive content.

For now, check out the I am CEO Handbook to get you started for 2018.

Jam-packed in this volume find over 100 tips on the following topics directly from our blog sites:

  • Advice to new entrepreneurs (page 7) – 7 tips
  • Bootstrapping tips (page 11) – 2 tips
  • Marketing tips (page 13) – 5 tips
  • Best traits of a successful leader (page 19) – 4 tips
  • Sales tips (page 22) –  4 tips
  • Networking tips (page 24) – 9 tips
  • Tips on Authority positioning (page 31) – 3 tips
  • Motivating quotes (page 33) – 10 tips
  • First thing you need when starting a business (page 43) – 9 tips
  • How to use a blog for business (page 47) – 15 tips
  • Tips for Better SEO practices (page 57) – 6 tips
  • Importance of a virtual assistant (page 16) –  2 tips
  • How to maintain creativity (page 41) – 2 tips
  • Biggest business hurdle (page 17) – 4 tips
  • How to cut costs in a business/run on a budget (page 61) – 3 tips
  • And more…

Download your copy by clicking HERE

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