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Why does retail need store automation?

To decide to automate processes, the owners must analyze their activities. Are there long queues in the store that sellers do not have time to quickly serve and because of this, sales are falling? Are there any problems with the inventory, is it difficult to put into action various promotional offers and a loyalty system? If all this is about you, then you desperately need to automate work processes.

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What is automation and do you need it?

The fundamental principle of automation is that with the help of software you get the opportunity to speed up routine work processes.

Many owners may think that for small outlets it is not at all necessary to resort to automation of processes, because you can hire one seller to serve customers and arrange goods, and you as the owner can do the rest.

This is where the delusion lies. Smaller outlets are looking to significantly reduce costs so that the store becomes more profitable. However, when you take over all the work, there is a chance that due to the workload, you will lose vigilance and make mistakes.

By choosing automation, you will not need to search for specialists, and you will also be able to save yourself from performing simple tasks that take a lot of time. You will be able to provide the tax authorities with the necessary documents on time, purchase goods, make an inventory, and much more. During this time, you can devote your time and attention to more complex tasks that cannot be automated.

Pros of automation

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1) Maintaining electronic documentary reporting. All necessary documents and reports will be submitted to the regulatory authorities on time.

2) Analysis of activities. Every movement and change will be accounted for, allowing you to see the big picture of the state of affairs in your store. You will see which products are in greatest demand, how to set pricing and be able to quickly make adjustments to improve efficiency.

3) Organized service process. Scanning barcodes with a scanner prevents human error and increases the speed of work. Electronic scales with label printing allow you to indicate accurate information about the product, as well as transmit data to the inventory system.

4) Clear data recording. The developed system can quickly transfer data on goods accounting, sales and provides communication between departments.

5) Creation of promotional and discount offers. You can easily figure out how to attract even more customers and interest them with your bonuses and loyalty programs.

Hardware and software

After analyzing the processes that you want to automate, you can figure out what hardware to buy and what programs to install.

You may need cash register systems, barcode scanners, data collection terminals, electronic scales, price tags and label printers, and more.

This will also be followed by the installation of software: programs that will control the operation of the cash register system, Front-office, Back-office, programs for controlling the display of goods and purchases, as well as other programs.

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Buy it yourself or ask for help from specialists’ help

To correctly install all the components and figure out what exactly your outlet needs, the best option would be to search for companies that specialize in automated trading software development.

On this issue, it is better to trust the professionals, since trying to minimize costs, you run the risk of encountering the following difficulties:

No warranty. When purchasing equipment in some Internet resources, you may find that they do not have a guarantee. You will also not be able to call specialists who will help you service the devices.

When buying equipment, you need to understand that they must interact. Due to this, you can spend a lot of money buying equipment that will later be incompatible.

In addition to the incompatibility of devices, you run the risk of encountering software incompatibility.


Process automation will greatly simplify your workflows. Do not save on the work of specialists who guarantee you the smooth operation of all systems.

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