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Use These Strategies to Minimize Profit Loss

Nearly all CEO’s preoccupy themselves with maximizing profit. That’s the point of a business, after all—to make profit. Most of…

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Common Mistakes in Choosing Contractor Insurance [SPONSORED POST]

There are a lot of companies offering general liability insurance for contractors. This insurance protects you and your construction business…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Opening an Accounting Firm

The field of accounting offers plenty of opportunity for advancement, and for many professionals, opening a private practice is the…

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Startups – will you be a CEO failure?

The startup – a bustling world of new opportunities, open frontiers, go-getting employees and unfettered success. Right? Or is yours…

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5 Data Transfer Rules for Manufacturing Success in China

It should go without saying that China is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to manufacturing. Known as the ‘workshop…

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The self-made CEO: how YOU can be a success story

You know, a self-made entrepreneur is a hard thing to come by nowadays. Those people who strived from the working…

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Stay Happy with these Business Security Tips

As the sun swoons up on a beautiful weekday morning, you can’t help it – you’re happy. You can bound…

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An Office with a View: Make the Most of your Workplace Exterior

There you are, locked inside your sweltering office, a CEO amidst a mountain of paperwork. You look like a parody…

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Keeping Your Business Safe from the World of Crime

It might not occur to you while you’re performing the balancing act of setting up a new business, but your…

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