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Startup DMV: The ‘s Guide to Doing in Washington D.C., Maryland & Virginia is a new eBook from Blog Nation and DMV CEO. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the Nation’s Capital. That’s why we created DMV CEO and why we launched DMV CEO. For entrepreneurs and business owners in in the Washington D.C. area we wanted to compile some of our best posts so that you can get an idea of Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV) and what makes it so great to be an entrepreneur and start a business.

Packed in this eBook are some of our best posts from including lessons to learn from local sports stars such as Michael Phelps and Kevin Durant and we also have compilations directly from entrepreneurs and business owners in the area on why they think the DMV is such a good place to be a business owner. Finally, you will find Twitter handles that you should be following including @dmvceo and step-by-step guides for starting a small business.

As always, we appreciate what you do and we hope this helps you to experience success in your business and we hope you come visit us at, your 1 guide for news, events and information for entrepreneurs and business owners in Washington D.C., Maryland & Virginia.

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