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An Office with a View: Make the Most of your Workplace Exterior

There you are, locked inside your sweltering office, a CEO amidst a mountain of paperwork. You look like a parody of someone who’s overworked. Ach well – at least you’ve got the view from your window to console you.

But even that’s a bit rubbish.

Looking out over a tatty grey car park, you can see a few empty cans of premium lager, an abandoned shopping trolley, a fetid tramp who scratches himself every 45 seconds and a small clump of grass slowly browning in the heat.

With your frazzled brain, the view seems more like a visual representation of your subconscious than a relaxation aid.

Indeed, a good view isn’t just for your peace of mind. If you’ve got clients visiting your office, you need to be able to make first impressions count. After all, few suited, booted, Gordon Gecko types want to jump over a scratching tramp to meet a business partner.

So, what do you need to make the exterior of your property really shine?

Make a garden to be proud of

You’ve seen those period dramas where regency maids flutter fans on their faces while lounging on acres of perfect grass and fluttering cherry blossoms. Well, ideally that’s how the grass outside your workplace should look.

Admittedly, that also isn’t too likely. So you’ll just have to make do with well maintained grounds instead.

Hire a ground maintenance company with a strong track record for neat and healthy grass, plant a few trees and shrubs, and you’ll help your summer in the office feel more like a relaxed period drama and less like a tramp’s fleapit.

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Keep it clean as a team

A little bit of time outside of the office could be just what you and your employees need. And to put that time to good use, why not initiate a clean-up day for the area surrounding your workplace?

A couple of bin bags, some litter skewers and some high visibility jackets are all you need for this community spirit-based work day out. Not only will you clear the surrounding area, but the element of teamwork will raise worker morale and improve the view from outside that window.

Keep your car in order

You might be lucky enough to own a flash BMW or you might be confined to a rusty old Vauxhall Nova, but if you want a decent view you’ll have to keep that car looking fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air getting fresh with a fresh looking honey.

Get your motor washed regularly and try to minimise rust and keep your entrance immaculate.

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