Lessons from an Entrepreneur That Owns 10 Businesses & More

The ISO 9000 is a globally-adopted, quality business management standard used by huge brands with support businesses located internationally.

This man told me that he applied the quality management principles he helped establish in the ISO 9000 to the ten separate businesses he operates today. His businesses include a skateboard and BMX shop, a network of pawnshops, a consulting practice, a musical instruments shop, an Internet sales business, a real estate development and management firm, a firearms shop, a marine products online store, a standup paddleboards shop, and a visual displays store.

You would think these ten companies would dominate his time. Not so. He spends his time sailing around the world with his wife and family in one of his sailboats, the “Zephyr” or the “Whispering Eye.”

Here’s what he told me about life and business. Visualize everything below in quotes.

  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Do Not Partner
  • Study the Market
  • Be Very, Very Careful With Who You Hire

To be successful in business does not mean changing the world. It means meeting a need (regardless of size) well and dependably over time.

Curated from “I sat down with a millionaire who operates 10 businesses while sailing around the world with his family

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