Why I Love Micromanaging and You Should Too [LinkedIn]

Look, we all know jerk bosses who stick their nose into every little thing their people are doing, and basically try to drive the bus from the back seat. We also know perfectly good bosses who do the same kind of thing for a different and legitimate reason — because they know the people doing the real work aren’t yet ready to do it themselves.

Let’s put aside those two situations, and talk about the much more common occurrence of bosses who get deeply involved in the day-to-day work of employees who are capable and competent.

And let me repeat myself: of that I approve.

Because micromanaging is a paradox, just like so many challenges inherent to getting business right. Think about balancing long-term goals and short-term needs. Or giving a star performer the correct amount of praise versus challenge. These are all judgment calls, based on the situation and the individuals and the market context.

And so it is with micromanaging. As a manager, you have to take what I call the “accordion approach.” Get very close to your people and their work when they need you – that is, when your help matters – and pull back when you’re extraneous.

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