On the Necessity of Failure: A Founder’s Stories from the Trenches [LinkedIn]

As an entrepreneur, you live and breathe every moment of your startup. The highs make you feel ecstatic; the lows can be soul-crushing. It’s a constant roller coaster. With long hours, multiple stakeholders, and other people’s money invested in your vision, every decision feels like it could be make-or-break. This is a huge amount of pressure for any founder. So much, that it often feels like there’s no line between the company and you — your company is like your baby, an extension of your heart and mind in many respects. And when you’re “in it” that deeply, you worry that any misstep has the potential to take you down … as well as the company. So, what’s one of the greatest things for an entrepreneur to learn? How to fail.

Curated from: On the Necessity of Failure: A Founder’s Stories from the Trenches [LinkedIn]

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