Get Ready for a Wild Ride: 4 Things to Know Before Dating an Entrepreneur []

The world of an entrepreneur can seem exciting, unstable, insanely intimidating or all of the above depending on what you’ve heard or what your potential paramour has told you.

However, there are a few very serious decisions to make before getting serious with an entrepreneur.

Remember that most startups fail, and since only 13 percent of Americans even consider themselves entrepreneurs, the likelihood of your date getting rich is slim to none.

A more viable goal is to be able to earn a living with their ventures.

Not scared off yet? Here’s what’s in store for you:

  1. You’ll Rarely Come First – Expecting an entrepreneur to regularly put you before their ventures is like asking a parent to put you before their baby.
  2. There’s No Such Thing as Vacations – There’s also no such thing as leaving your work at the office, mental health days, bankers hours, or anything else you’re used to.
  3. They Think They Have to Do It All – There’s a dark side to entrepreneurship people don’t talk about. Entrepreneurs think they’re expected to not need sleep, have confidence, be a leader and never show weakness.
  4. You’ll Be on This Roller Coaster Ride With Them – It’s never smooth sailing, and, as their partner, you are committed to joining them on this ride.

Dating isn’t easy, and dating an entrepreneur makes it even more challenging. Just like it takes a certain type of person to date a doctor, pro-athlete, or writer, it also takes a certain type of person to find happiness with an entrepreneur.

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  1. As an entrepreneur, I always tell people (half-jokingly, half-not), this isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. Nine years in now, I’ve actually started learning to find a balance. Beware of burnout!

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