Wanna work for yourself? Know this first [CNBC]

More Americans are starting to work for themselves. The Kauffman Index tracks entrepreneurialism and found that small-business creation rose in 2015, reversing a downward trend that lasted six years. “Though small-businesses activity is increasing, activity has just surpassed pre-recession levels on some measures and collectively remains just above the historical norm,” the Kauffman Foundation reported.

The idea of being your own boss is very enticing. It's the idea of creating something which you are passionate about, something which makes money and, in turn, allows you to spread the wealth.

However, before you quit your day job (don't do it yet!), here are the top, best, most useful ways to go about starting your own business.

  1. Ask yourself some tough questions

  2. Make a plan

  3. Set up the business

  4. Get funding

  5. Work, work, work

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