4 Business Lessons From Last Night’s Amazing NCAA Basketball Championship Game [Inc]

In any great contest, there are lessons learned. Here are a few I picked out for Inc. readers:

  1. Create a culture your people can buy into. – Lesson: Work on creating a company culture where people are supportive of each other. Celebrate successes together, share the blame for mistakes–just make sure you learn from them.

  2. If you fall, get right back up. – Lesson: If you're a business owner, know that the “punches in the mouth” are inevitable. Don't give up. Often success is just around the corner.

  3. Know when to hand it over. – Lesson: On your team, there will be times when you should take over a situation, and other times when you should defer to a colleague. Maybe he or she is in a better position to give this presentation, or even to lead the team in a certain set of circumstances. – Focus, not on who gets the credit, but on getting the job done right.

  4. Respect your competition. – Lesson: Cut-throat competition and lawsuits are the norm between most rivals nowadays. But where would Apple be without Samsung, or vice-versa? How good would you be without your best competitor?

Curated from 4 Business Lessons From Last Night's Amazing NCAA Basketball Championship Game [Inc]

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