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What Does the Return of Myspace Mean for Entrepreneurs?

Before Facebook, there was a social media network called Myspace and while the network never truly went away, this week the company unveiled a new look with spokesman and investor Justin Timberlake. The company was once go-to social network for everyone, but in the last few years has become more geared for entrepreneurs and business owners in the entertainment or arts industry.

What does this announcement mean for entrepreneurs and business owners?

An Opportunity to Connect with the Entertainment & Arts Industry

For entrepreneurs with a target market that consists of the entertainment and arts industry you should be on Myspace. While entrepreneurs and social media experts might view the re-emergence or rebirth of Myspace as another headache Myspace is geared more towards entrepreneurs and business owners in the entertainment or arts industry such as musicians, promoters, designers, photographers, filmmakers and other artists. For now, only those entrepreneurs and business owners should flock to the site.

Visit the New Myspace

Check out the video below:

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