Entrepreneur Roundup: iPhone 5, Google Search, NFL Replacement Refs & Start-up Hoya

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  1. What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from NFL Replacement Refs ( from Progreshion): Questions of legitimacy and safety have been brought up during the last 3 weeks of the season and at its heart the NFL is a business, so what can entrepreneurs and business owners learn from the NFL replacement refs?
  2. 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use the iPhone 5 for Your Business (from Rescue a CEO): For those entrepreneurs and business that have pre-ordered a iPhone or camped out in lines here are 5 ways you can use the new iPhone 5 for your business.
  3. CEO Blog Nation Launches Start-up Hoya (from DMV CEO): CEO Blog Nation launches Start-up Hoya for Georgetown entrepreneurs and business owners.
  4. What Does Being a CEO Mean to You? (from Rescue a CEO): CEO Blog Nation and Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs what it means to them to be the CEO.
  5. What's Keeping Your Small Business from Succeeding [INFOGRAPHIC] (from Rescue a CEO): There are currently $1 trillion small business loans that are outstanding. Small businesses play an essential part in powering our economy, but only if they can achieve success.
  6. How Google Search Works [FREE CLASS] [VIDEO] & [INFOGRAPHIC] (from Teach a CEO): Google likens the web to a book with millions of pages. The search engine that recently  celebrated its birthday has spent millions of hours building the index. When a search is conducted Google’s “Secret Sauce” or algorithm travels to deliver relevant results of results.

Across the Web

  1. Rich or Not, Entrepreneurs Are The Happiest (from The Street): A study by the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business found a strong correlation between entrepreneurship and happiness, one that held even if the start-up in question wasn't phenomenally successful.
  2. Entrepreneurs Can Fix the Economy, Gallup CEO Says (from Hispanic Business): In an interview, Clifton said the U.S. needs to produce at least 2 million new businesses a year to see healthy economic growth. It will produce only 400,000 this year, he said. The nation's 6 million small businesses are where two-thirds of the jobs are, and where about two-thirds of new jobs come from, he said.
  3. Education Nation: Growing Future Entrepreneurs (from CNBC): With an energetic focus on creativity combined with real-life practices, the University of Southern California gives the entrepreneurs of tomorrow the tools to create successful start-ups and launch companies with true growth potential. At the University of Southern California and many other successful entrepreneur programs across the country, this gets accomplished in three main ways.
  4. Women Entrepreneurs Increasingly Part of Jobs Crisis Solution (from Huffington Post): A 2010 report by the U.S. Department of Commerce showed that between 1997 and 2007, the number of women-owned businesses grew by 44 percent, twice as fast as firms owned by men — and they added roughly 500,000 jobs.
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