Today is Election Day, Read These 5 Articles

Today is election day, so you should make your voice heard and go out and vote. If you are still on the fence about who to vote for, check out these articles for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Small Business Brace for Election Results(CNN/Money): The candidates have offered starkly differently visions for the nation's future. Here's how some entrepreneurs are preparing.

Small Businesses Delay Big Decisions Until After the Election (Baltimore Business Journal): Small businesses won’t budge on some major decisions until after Tuesday’s election results are revealed.

Let's Make Small Businesses Heard on Tuesday (Inc): The small business community finally has a chance to be heard on Nov. 6. Regardless of where your political allegiances lie, there's no better use of your time then to get out and vote, and assert the power and control you have in determining where this economy and country is going.

6 Small Business Issues at Stake This Election (Huffington Post): A number of critical small business issues are at stake in next month's federal and state elections. Here are six of the most important.

The Small Business Guide to the Presidential Election (Washington Post): Here, we break down where the candidates stand on small business issues heading into the election.



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