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As we complete the October and look at 2017, we think back to how much we've accomplished and how much content we've produced over the last few years. Our team has been hard at work trying to improve and develop a platform that's appealing to entrepreneurs and business owners.

We've looked to build a strong foundation that we can grow with and it hasn't been an easy ride. There's been pivots, shifts, adjustments and frustrations. I personally have grown tremendously over the past few years and look forward to future growth personally and for CEO Media Firm and for Blue 16 Media.

We are definitely excited about where we are and where we are heading. So that's why we're so excited that we will be providing more CBNation. You will see more and more content from us. As we've grown up and found our niche, we want to make it a point to really focus on growing, developing and finding great content for you.

We are hope dealers and our mission is to improve the success of entrepreneurs, startups and business owners and by doing that we truly feel that we will be making the world a better place. 

As general as this post might be about our specific plan, just be on notice that you should be expecting more of the same great stuff from our team and even more exciting things that are on the horizon.

I'm as excited as I was when I started Hearpreneur. I think we are on our way to doing something remarkable and I'm looking forward to another crazy roller coaster ride. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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– Gresh



CBNation helps entrepreneurs and business owners succeed with visibility, resources and connections. CEO Blog Nation is a community of blogs for entrepreneurs and business owners. Started in much the same way as most small businesses, CEO Blog Nation captures the essence of entrepreneurship by allowing entrepreneurs and business owners to have a voice. CEO Blog Nation provides news, information, events and even startup business tips for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to succeed.

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