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For The Love of the “Game”

Welcome to February!

This is the month where we celebrate Valentine's Day, it's also Black History month, Super Bowl Sunday and if you really like to celebrate every day you might also add National Margarita Day, Carnival Day and Public Sleeping Day.

Every month we show our love of entrepreneurship by showcasing some of the best and brightest CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners but we are especially excited during February, which is why we this month's theme is For The Love of the “Game.”

Expect the following this Month:

  • More great podcast interviews on the I AM CEO Podcast
  • Full interviews from the I AM CEO Podcast and more on CBNation TV
  • How to rebound from business mistakes
  • Roundup on Heapreneur what entrepreneurs love about being an entrepreneur
  • Roundup on Hearpreneur what entrepreneurs love about the industries they work in
  • Loads of great guest posts on Rescue a CEO
  • Some new great products on
  • Even stronger synergies with Blue 16 Media

And so much more…

This month is all about love and accepting the ups and downs of owning and running a business or organization and even though the downs can be difficult at times–You still love the “game.”

Here's to all the CEO, entrepreneurs and business owners that take the leap and charge ahead to create some really phenomenal ventures.


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