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At CEO Blog Nation, we get bombarded with requests and stories but sometimes you might want to promote your brand, an event or a specific product or service. Please note that we do not edit existing posts. Please contact us below if you are interested in a featured post to promote your brand on a new post on our site. You will create the post, we will edit and you just have to provide a link or a visual ad for your site.

Our starting rates are below as of 1/1/21:

  • On CEOBLOGNATION.com, posts start at $250/post (pre-written post) and start at $500/post for a post we write. (Example Post)
  • On our subsites (ex. Hearpreneur, Rescue a CEO, Teach a CEO), posts start at $150/post and start at $250/post for a post we write. (Example Post)
  • Email Interviews, posts start at $250 for posts that are written and start at $500 for a post we write. (Example Post)
  • Infographics and other similar posts start at $150/post and start at $250/post for a post we write.

The posts will be distributed as a regular post through our social media networks. For more information, contact us below:

Please note that posts may or may not have a do-follow link. Do-follow links are NOT guaranteed. They will be marked as a Sponsored post.

Also, you may contact us if you would like us to write a post for your company or organization.

Lastly, please note that volume discounts are available–prepayment required.

ad [at] ceoblognation.com


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