The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Grade-A Workplace

As you panic around in your first few years of business, you’ll have a frightening amount on your mind – new staff, new clients, tons of outgoing costs, not much profit and an almost endless amount of obstacles standing in your way. So many, in fact, that you might forget just how important your work premises is.

But if you’re running low on property pizzazz, you’ll encounter a demotivated and less hygienic workforce, unimpressed clients and a dramatic downturn in incoming cash.

Just imagine working in a dank cavern of an office – as you slave away with only fluorescent light strips for company, you’re bound to feel lacking in motivation. That’s why, despite this never-ending balancing act, you’ll have to find the time to make your business look like it can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Here are a few ways to do just that.

Up your hygiene game

If there’s one thing that puts people off a business, it’s a dearth of hygiene.

Just imagine it – you’re an enthusiastic client and, after shaking hands with the owner of the company, you nip off for a quick trip to the office bogs.

And what do you find?

The toilet is bursting with grime, the toilet tissue resembles sandpaper and the sink sputters brown water like it was a co-star in The Shawshank Redemption sewer sequence. Chances are, it’s put you off your business deal before the meeting has even started.

What you need is a high-quality washroom services provider to install some futuristic equipment, making your hygiene optimal. Hand dryers, eco-friendly sinks and enough cleaning apparatus to wage warfare on any and all germs – up your hygiene game with a new washroom and you’ll make your office a good hygiene haven.

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Inject the place with some personality

Have you ever worked in a truly drab environment? You’ll find, amidst all the grey, that part of the issue is that there’s simply no personality to it, as though your office has been specially assembled from a branch of IKEA.

The solution – lavish your workplace with artwork, ornaments and plants. Not just corporate doodads that you can find in any office, either; these will only enthuse the lobotomised.

Instead, find art that you genuinely like and your enthusiasm will, fingers crossed, spread all around your office, creating higher morale in your workers.

Make that logo pop!

Your workplace is about more than a place to work – it should proudly display your business ethos and what you do. And, what better way to convey that than with your business logo?

Ideally, the logo you plaster over your door will be the definition of simplicity, illustrating the message of your business with just a few lines or a friendly mascot. Simplicity is the key – and with it, you’ll add the final touch of perfection to your grade-A workplace.

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