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Being an entrepreneur or business owner is no easy feat. It takes sacrifice, dedication and blood, sweat and tears. By and large, it is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. While theoretically there is an “off-switch,” there's not really an off switch when it comes to putting in sweat equity towards your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Webster's defines a CEO as “the executive with the chief decision-making authority in an organization or business.” The reality is that often people think of a Fortune 500 company when they think of the CEO like the Wolf of Wallstreet or maybe Bobby Axelrod from Billions and I think that thought is supported by the definition but I think CEO is also an aspirational term largely because it conjures up those thoughts. It means the drive and desire to grow and build your business. It means hustling with sometimes 2-3 jobs to get to profitability. It means grinding with laser FOCUS until you reach your goals.

I think CEOs are those Fortune 500 CEOs that run the largest companies in the world but I think it's important to not forget the person who's also wearing the hats of being the janitor and the marketing manager and the CTO and the CFO while being a parent or a wife or husband.

Whether a company is a one-man (or woman) band or if it's 5,000 employees, each was started from an idea. Often as we've learned from our “Why did you start your business?” roundups on Hearpreneur, it is to fulfill some needs or leverage some opportunity.

I think it's important that we remember that.

So, I think whether you have a Fortune 500 company or you're just starting out of your parents garage or you're securing your first round of funding or you're in the idea stage–you are CEO. You make the decisions related to your business.

As we wind down the year, during the holiday season–we will be releasing our Volume 2 of our I am CEO Handbook. It will be jam-packed with golden nuggets from our roundups and blog posts to help out entrepreneurs, business owners, founders, startups and of course CEOs. It will be a perfect way to get your 2018 started and a great gift to share (even though it's FREE).


It has been years since the first Volume and we are well overdue to release another one. So expect it to be released soon.

To be notified when it is released, be sure you are on our e-mail list and don't forget to join the I am CEO community!

For years, we have been celebrating CEOs and entrepreneurs and we will end 2018 how we started this community–celebrating the CEO and entrepreneur. Stay tuned for more great things coming for you all.

Get your copy when it comes out HERE

– Gresh


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