Don’t Forget to Tell Your Story

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Each time that I have a guest on my podcast, I always usually start out the podcast with the same question–“Tell us your story, your background and what led you to start your business.”

There's a reason behind it–everyone has stories and stories bring our businesses to life. I could have a 100 personal trainers or attorneys or real estate agents provide the exact same services or products and each episode would be unique because they all have different stories. It's what humanizes our brand. It's funny because I have been one of the cobblers kids for the longest–49 episodes to be specific.

I never told the story of the podcast and why I started it and what it's about. It only took 50 episodes :-).

Check out Chat #50 HERE on CEO Chat.

Don't forget to tell your story too. People love stories and it humanizes your business and your brand. If you're really inclined fill our our guest book on Hearpreneur.


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