Preselling & Why It’s Important – CEO Chat #75

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This was one of my favorite podcast chats because I had the opportunity to sit down with a friend of mine Eric Koch of The Creative Marketing Zone and learn more about how he launched his podcast, his course and his vision for his social media agency. He also packed this podcast with tremendous value on things like human psychology and sales in general. Don't forget to check out his feature on DMV CEO. Often, we get so attached to our product while we are building it that we forgot to “presell” it first to make sure that there is a market for it.


In Chat #75 fellow podcaster Eric Koch of @thecreativemarketingzone was interviewed by @progreshion on the @ceochatpodcast on preselling, why it's so important and how he implemented this strategy to launch his social media course. He spoke about his firm and also touched on human psychology, automation in the Chat citing people like Russell Brunsen, founder of @clickfunnelshq, Simon Sinek @simonsinek and Amy Porterfield @amyporterfield. Check the link in our profile for the full interview and feature on DMV CEO. . . . He also touched on one of the biggest mistakes that he sees entrepreneurs and business owners make “building it completely [the product] BEFORE they come [having any sales].” . . . As entrepreneurs, we get so attached and wrapped up in the project we are creating that we forget the only way we have a business or even a product is by having clients and customer. . . . #preselling #socialmedia #onlinecourse #entrepreneur #business

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