26 Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Be More Efficient on Rescue a CEO

For every person including CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners there's 24 hours in a day and the only way that entrepreneurs and business owners can maximize their day is to be more efficient and effective. On Rescue a CEO, check out one of our latest roundups from actual entrepreneurs and business owners with their best tips on how to be more efficient and effective in your business.

  1. Marking the day in 15 minutes blocks – Troy Hazard, Troy Hazard International
  2. Use of the D.A.D (Delete, Automate, Delegate) method – Chad Conley, Complete Roofing
  3. Two ways – Optimize for Impact & Transit Time – Omer Molad, Vervoe
  4. Build the right team and communicate the right way – Frank Samson, Senior Care Authority
  5. Using Google calendar for time blocking – Lindsey Nickel, Lovely Day Strategy
  6. Scheduling tasks – Jessa Black, Livalto
  7. Be organized – Rick Lite, Stress-Free Book Marketing
  8. Awareness is the key to efficiency – Bob Rosen, Healthy Companies International
  9. A number of ways (e.g. learning from successful businesses, delegation and more) – Peter Strack, Alliance Reservations Network
  10. Develop a trusted confidant – Aaron Pfeifer, Obsidian Solutions
  11. Never start a new idea until you finish the first – Brian Cairns, ProStrategix Consulting
  12. Focusing on three empire building tasks – Daniel Ndukwu, KyLeads
  13. Breaking my day into sections – Kanika Jhunjhnuwala, Eartheries
  14. Differentiate between income vs. non-income producing activities – Katherine Scarim, Agent Strong Real Estate Coaching
  15. Make an extra time commitment – Stefanie Rosenfield, Cleveland Marketing King
  16. Have a change and multi-task – Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls
  17. Take a rest – Jessica Vibberts, Full Potential Ventures
  18. Focus on what’s important – Mikey Moran, Private Label Extensions
  19. Delegate more – Steve Thorley, The Changing Workplace
  20. Three Ways (1)Keep Data Clean (2) Keep Data Up-to-date (3) Optimize Document Creation Process  – Hayden Grooms, Inside Sales Solutions
  21. Manage Your Energy – Agnes Molnar, Search Explained!
  22. Determine Key Strategic Pillars – Jacquelyn Cyr, JC+CO
  23. Grouping tasks – JP Jones, Paige1Media
  24. Having systems in place – Flynn Zaiger, Online Optimism
  25. Kill the squirrels, make the time, make the move – Jeffrey Hayzlett, C-Suite Network
  26. Turn off the social media notifications – Maria Brannon, Lightning Flash Creative
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