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The Secret, Clearing the Decks, The 6 Bottlenecks in Business & Advice [Podcast]

I AM CEO Podcast Episodes Week of August 26, 2018

On the I AM CEO podcast, we explore the idea of what it means to be a CEO and also ask every guest for their story, their” secret sauce,” a CEO Hack (like an app, a book or habit) that they use consistently to be effective and efficient, and a CEO Nugget or advice they would give their younger business self. The focus of this short laser focused podcast is to explore what it means to be a CEO and the current state of entrepreneurship and business.

This week our guest focused on CEO Hacks like Tara Langadale who spoke about The Secret and the regular practice of meditation which helps to “clear the decks” that Sharon Roemmel or Practically Enlightened mentioned in Episode #52. Guest like Michela Quilici who provided phenomenal CEO Nuggets like the 6 bottlenecks or growth inhibitors in business and Scott Flear reminded listeners of the importance of listening and taking advice from those who have walked a similar business path.

Check these episodes this week on the show:

  1. Episode #51: Entrepreneur Launches Company That Helps Women Women Who Suffer from Pelvic, Vulvar Pain
  2. Episode #52: Self-Care Expert Helps Women Take Care of Their Number 1 Asset-Themselves 
  3. Episode #53: CEO, Coach & Expert Helps People that are Struggling with Sales, Marketing & Systems
  4. Episode #54: CEO Creates a Rubby Brand Delivery Content, Community & Clothing

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