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4 Ways to Grow Your Business, Morning Routines, Intent & More [Podcast]

I AM CEO Podcast Episodes Week of September 3, 2018

This week's I AM CEO Podcast guest focused powerful insight including thinking outside of the box and understanding that there is more than one way to grow your business, specifically William Gadea of IdeaRocket (episode #56) focused on 4 ways that entrepreneurs can grow their business from his work with his client Kimberly-Clark. Zack Blakeney of Sol Force Training (episode #55) focused on 4 in another way by providing a CEO Hack that including his morning routine, specifically including his “future 4.” Robert Cooper of the Cooper Culture (episode #56) discussed the importance of intent and making time to regularly ask if he was more “active than productive.” Lastly, Christy Evon of Health Vantis (episode #58) explained that being a CEO was about creating something unique and helping people.

Check these episodes this week on the show:

  1. Episode #55 – Trainer Uses Health & Fitness as a Catalyst for Mindset Shift
  2. Episode #56 – Founder & Creative Director Helps Business by Untangling Complexity with Video
  3. Episode #57 – Coach Helps Businesses & Associations Develop & Sustain High Performing Work Culture
  4. Episode #58 – Co-Owner Starts Medical Facilitation Business After Experience Frustration with Canadian Health Care System 

On the I AM CEO podcast, we explore the idea of what it means to be a CEO and also ask every guest for their story, their” secret sauce,” a CEO Hack (like an app, a book or habit) that they use consistently to be effective and efficient, and a CEO Nugget or advice they would give their younger business self. The focus of this short laser focused podcast is to explore what it means to be a CEO and the current state of entrepreneurship and business.

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