Visibility is the Name of the Game

Welcome to May Our Focus is Visibility

May is the month dedicated to visibility. Often the name of the game is being found. For many organizations or businesses, it's just being in the right place at the right time.

It's often why I say activity is royalty (King or Queen). The more active you are, the more likely someone is to find you. The idea is to be omnipresent so that if anyone is looking for that product or service you provide–they find you.

Repeatedly during the, You Are A Media Company podcast episodes on CEO Chat, this came up over and over again. Understanding your target market first but then choosing the digital tools based on your goal and your avatar was essential to being successful.

After you get clear on that, it comes down to being visible. This can be done offline–networking, direct mail, newspaper, magazine or radio ads but it can also be done leveraging digital tools like SEO, websites, social media and so much more.

Our mission is to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs and business owners and core to that is visibility. Understand that visibility can mean getting your business name, or organization out there, it can also mean increasing the awareness of resources that you may not know about that could help you be successful (if you're in the DC area check out this list).

This month this our theme and while we focus on this and bringing light to how other entrepreneurs and business owners are finding success in being visible understand you can be too.

Happy May!

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