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Entrepreneur Roundup: New Look, Obama & Romney, Customer Service, Google+ & Ideas

A lot is going on in the world of startups, business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are some great articles you should read from the week of September 30, 2012.

CEO Blog Nation

  1. New Look to DMV CEO, Rescue a CEO, Teach a CEO & Hearpreneur (via CEO Blog Nation): CEO Blog Nation is proud to announce that it has upgraded 4 of its flagship sites–DMV CEO, Hearpreneur, Teach a CEO and Rescue a CEO.
  2. 6 Articles Business Owners Should Read Before Obama, Romney Debate Tonight (via Rescue a CEO):  President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney come face to face for the first time in the presidential campaign tonight to debate the issues of the country.
  3. What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Customer Service (via Rescue a CEO): October 1, 2012 to October 5, 2012 is Customer Services Week, an international event “devoted to recognize the importance of customer service and to honor the people who serve and support customers with highest degree of care and professionalism.”
  4. Is Google Plus a Ghost Town (via Rescue a CEO): Google+ is the new kid on the block, so social media experts and individuals may not have tapped the potential of the social media that is supposed to challenge Facebook for supremacy.
  5. 5 Business Ideas to Start This Weekend (via Rescue a CEO): Here are 5 businesses you can start today without a small-business loan.

Across the Web

  1. Start-Up Chile: Importing Entrepreneurs to Become the Latin American Silicon Valley: Chile aims to become the hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America  by importing early stage entrepreneurs from all over the world with the initiative Start-Up Chile, an accelerator program fully supported by the Chilean government. The main motivator to head to “the Silicon Valley of Latin America (wanna-be)”: the local government provides $40,000 in cash  without taking any equity stake.
  2. What You Can Learn About Social Media from Big Bird ( When Romney was asked about what he would do to decrease the federal deficit, one of the programs he said he would stop funding was Public Broadcasting Service.
  3. Adviser Sees Change in Entrepreneurs (South Bend Tribune): Owners still need help working on their businesses.
  4. Why Entrepreneurs Need Mentors & How to Find Them (Huffington Post): Sure, entrepreneurs can eventually succeed without mentors. But it will cost extra time and wasted resources.
  5. 28 Startup Skills You Can't Live Without (Upstart Business Journal): If you’re thinking about pursuing your own startup business, I recommend brushing up on the following skills, either instead of or as a complement to your ongoing education:
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