37 Must-Have Apps (and Sites) for Busy Professionals [Medium]

Here is a list of apps and sites that can save you time and resources, and ultimately help you become more productive.

1. — You know all those email newsletters that you accidentally opted into, but don’t really read? Use this site to clear out your inbox.

2. Canva — Make awesome images without much design knowledge.

3. Upwork — One of the best online solutions for hiring freelancers.

4. Google Keep — Save your thoughts on your phone, tablet, or computer.

5. Clarity — Schedule a call with influencers and experts in your market.

6. Hemingway Editor — A wonderful tool that makes your writing and spelling mistakes bold and clear.

7. Fiverr — Find anything you need, starting at just $5.

8. Focus Booster — This is a great little timer app that helps you track your time.

9. Hootsuite — The only social media dashboard you’ll ever need.

10. Buffer — Schedule and share social media content.

11. Slack — Be less busy by having everything in one place.

12. Trello — Organize, plan, and schedule projects as a team.

13. Remember the Milk — A to-do list manager with several key bonuses: You can sync it with your all your devices.

14. Mint — Be good with your money with Mint money manager.

15. Evernote: Not new, but this note-taking/collaboration app continues to be one of the best productivity tools.

16. 1–3– —Simple page that gives you the perfect lay out of things to get done in a day.

17. Carrot — Carrot is a tough love to-do app that gets cranky at you if you don’t complete your tasks.

18. TaskRabbit — Connecting you to safe and reliable helpers for home related tasks.

19. Google Drive — Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage.

Apps for streamlining your life and career

20. Pocket — Don’t have time to read great posts? Send them to Pocket where you’ll be able to read it later — even offline on your phone while you’re commuting home!

21. Habit List — Create good habits. Break unhealthy ones. Build a better you.

22. Mailbox — If you’re drowning in email, Mailbox will take care of that for you. This app neatly organizes email so that you can read it at a set time.

23. Hive — Collect and share your digital life.

24. — The absolute easiest way to get a personal website up and running in minutes.

25. LearnVest — Go for the smart, savvy financial advice, stay for the awesome and (very) reasonably priced personal financial planning services.

26. FutureAdvisor — FutureAdvisor not only helps you set up your portfolio, it reviews and rebalances your investments to help you achieve your goals.

27. Zapier — Connect apps you use, automate tasks, get more out of your data.

28. CNNMoney — The most complete site for everything money-related on the web, from markets and investing to your personal spending.

29. Docady — Manage Life’s Most Important Paperwork

30. Around Me — From bars to cinemas, petrol stations and hospitals, it’s handy if you’re travelling, or if you don’t want to waste your time googling everything.

Sites for learning something new

31. CreativeLive — Whether you’re trying to pick up a new creative hobby or boost your creative career, this site broadcasts live classes by accomplished professionals in each field.

32. Skill crush — Skillcrush is dead-on with its philosophy that digital skills will help you no matter what you do. The site’s free email bootcamp is a great way to polish your tech skills.

33. Muse University — Helps you find out what you want to do with your life, and then be awesome at it. Free classes for professionals at every stage delivered straight to your inbox.

34. Mental Floss — Every day, Mental Floss publishes articles with the most interesting facts and information about things you didn’t even know you wanted to know.

35. BBC Future — Making you smarter, every day.

36. 99U — Head over to 99U for great strategies for turning your ideas into action. From a daily stream of articles to videos of talks from the site’s annual conference.

37. The Creativity Post — Want to expand your creative mind? The Creativity Post has high-quality articles on innovation, creativity, and imagination.

Curated from: 37 Must-Have Apps (and Sites) for Busy Professionals [Medium]

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